The evolution​ of male grooming products with Hunter Lab’s new Cleansing Shave Foam.


Mens Skin Care done right with Hunter Lab’s Mens Shaving Foam – The New Cleansing Shave Foam

Shaving can be a nightmare. From cutting your chin to being left with red patches and itchy stubble, shaving is actually a lot harder than it looks. And in today’s society where men want to look more groomed, shaving foam is becoming a must for any modern man. But where can you find these quality hair products Melbourne?

Men never used to use shaving foam – deemed too much like the feminine skincare products on the market, it was not seen as acceptable. In the 70’s it was all about moustaches – all a man had to do was make sure his moustache was combed and the rest of his face was smooth and he was good to go. However, since then men have started to realise the beauty of being independent in your look – whether you want a moustache, clean shaven or a bit of stubble – men are fighting back from the oppressive clean shaven or beard look. There are so many more “trendy” styles than ever before, and we think this is brilliant.


In recent years, the term ‘manscaping’ has become featured in popular culture. ‘Metrosexuals’ are now cool and men want to be just as groomed as their female counterpart. And why not? It begins with shaving, the easiest way for a man to show off his unique and individual personality. If a man is clean shaven, it’s usually one of the first things he does in the morning. If a man has designer stubble, he’s got to keep it tidy and at the right length. Even men with full beards have to do some maintenance on themselves every now and then. That’s why Hunter Lab developed their cleansing shave foam.

Made with completely natural plant extracts – the cleansing shave foam is a must for any self-respecting modern day man. It contains Quandong, Desert Lime and Wattle Seed, to provide an excellent base for shaving. Not only does it act as a lubricant to make shaving easier, but it cleanses and soothes at the same time. Apply before shaving to protect the face and neck area while shaving but also to leave your face soft and cleansed afterwards. Hunter Lab cleansing shave foam will hydrate and moisturise each hair follicle – making them softer for shaving and giving you a much cleaner shave.

It also contains Siberian Fir oil which is full of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so it will help to protect your skin long after you have washed it off. It comes in Hunter Lab’s sleek and signature design which also has that signature masculine scent that Hunter Lab is known for with their top mens skin care and hair products Melbounre– rum and citrus, so your face will not only look good, but it will smell great for those up close and personal moments. You definitely won’t regret jumping on the male grooming bandwagon after trying this product and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to realise what everyone else already knew – male grooming is fantastic! Unless you’re looking for mens facial products for the special gents in your life, this would be a fantastic addition to add to your mens skin care gifts this Christmas!