Vapour Beauty vs True Botanicals Skincare – An eco-friendly make up and skincare regiment combo

True Botanicals_The Lab Organics

Eco-friendly skin care routines are the new black. More and more people are turning to eco-friendly products, over older chemical-based products and they’re realising the benefits of using natural, organic ingredients.

While this popularity is great news for beauty addicts and the environment alike, it has seen a rise in eco-friendly companies. This is great because we need more companies promoting natural beauty, but it can be hard for us consumers to know where to begin. Figuring out which skincare routine is no easy task, but we are here to help you, by comparing two of the most prominent companies on the market – Vapour Organic Beauty and True Botanicals Skincare.

Vapour Beauty organic make-up range



Vapour Beauty (or Vapour Organic Beauty) was founded in Taos, New Mexico, and in their own words, they ‘blur the line between skincare and makeup’. They have a commitment to pure organic ingredients without compromising the luxury feel of their products. They use light air textures and natural mineral pigments, as opposed to chemically added dyes which can be harsh and harmful to your skin.

The ingredients in Vapour products are simply 70% organic ingredients and 30% mineral pigments. There are no toxic chemicals, parabens and they don’t test on animals. How much more eco-friendly can you get?

In the same way, True Botanicals believe that science is one of the most important aspects of skincare, although made only using natural ingredients. A team of scientists create wonderfully natural products, using science to back it up. They didn’t want to use marketing gimmicks to help sell the products, knowing that these were scientifically pure and wanting that to speak for itself. Every one of their ingredients goes through rigorous testing to ensure it is 100% safe for human skin and won’t cause any nasty side effects.

True Botanicals Organic Skin Care range

True Botanicals_The Lab Organics

Like Vapour Organic Beauty, True Botanicals contain no toxins in any of their products. Using science, True Botanicals scrutinise every chemical element of their products, making sure that there is nothing inside that could be harmful to humans.

These two companies are entirely dedicated to complete and utter toxin and chemical free products. Every aspect of the company, from their philosophies and ethos to their skincare products and makeup ranges are 100% natural. The best advice we can give would be to try out both of them and see the combined improvements from both brands.

True Botanicals has science to back it up, so if you like to know the facts behind the products you’re using, this is an excellent brand to consider. When put side by side, Vapour Organic Beauty works from a more philosophical point of view –  a more spiritual way of looking after your skin. The best of both worlds, as eco-friendly skincare is the way forward – your skin will thank you for it!

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